The Little River Pond Mill Purifying The World

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Reduce Biological Oxygen Demand
  1. In municipal effluent, the BOD was reduced from 167 mg/L to 1.1 mg/L in only a few months in one study, and from great than 200 mg/L to less than 5 mg/L in another study in a similar time frame. Enviro Series 600
  2. Significant reduction in both the dugout and sewage lagoon studies. (C. Ruiu et. al., 1998)
  3. Reduction of effluent vs. influent in a municipal sewage lagoon, Ontario, Canada, 1991.

Figure 2.0 BOD reduction of a municipal sewage lagoon
 Figure 2.0
  1. Municipal wastewater BOD reduction over time, Ontario, Canada, 1994.

Figure 3.0 Municipal wastewater BOD reduction over time
Figure 3.0

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