The Little River Pond Mill Purifying The World

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Wind Powered Model

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Enviro 600 RPD Series

The Enviro 600 Series is our most efficient wind powered circulator with a specially designed head and tail system for optimum power performance even under low wind conditions. The circulator floats on the surface of water or wastewater and utilizes 6 radially oriented floats for optimum stability and superior flow velocity. The flotation system is made from high-density UV stabilized polyethylene; the above water height of the machine is 4 m (13 ft.). The 600 series circulators come in 3 models - the Enviro 602 (3/4 stainless), the Enviro 603 (painted) & the Enviro 604 (full stainless).

Where it's used

  • The Enviro 600 Series is typically used in remediation of surface waters such as lakes, ponds, and water reservoirs, and many wastewater applications where electricity is not available and/or where attention to renewable sourced equipment is desirable.

Enviro 602 Series




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