The Little River Pond Mill Purifying The World

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Little River Pond Mill® circulator Product Showcase

The Little River Pond Mill® circulator comes in electric, solar and wind-driven models. The Enviro 700, 210 and 209 are electric machines which can be hooked up to bank mounted solar; the 220 series is a solar powered machine; and the 600 series RPD (602, 603, and 604) is wind-driven with a new rotational pontoon design. The 100 series has been discontinued.

The 700 series is only available in stainless steel (primarily used in wastewater, industrial and commercial applications), however the 602, 603 and 604, 220, 210 and 209 are available in painted and stainless steel models. The 212 is available in partial stainless with 3 legs for use in anaerobic digesters. Contact us for details.

The impeller, located at an optimum point below the surface, has been specially designed for maximum lift with minimum energy input and is made from stainless steel to ensure longevity under the most harshest of conditions. The impeller creates a recirculating toroidal vortex with a radial surface and bottom flow and upwelling throughout the pond, lake or lagoon - resembles a twister or tornado. The impeller flow has been tested to be 9 m3/s (7.1 million Imperial gph) in a wind with a velocity of 6.71 m/s (15 mph).

We Have A System To Suit Your Requirements!




Enviro 100 Series - discontinued

Enviro 602 Series

Enviro 205 Series, Solar

Enviro 205/210 Series
New RPD leg system not shown

Enviro 205 - 3 legs
Enviro 209/210/211 - 4 legs

Enviro 205
New RPD leg system

Enviro 205 - 3 legs
Enviro 210 - 4 legs

Enviro 700 Series, electric

Enviro 700 Series, Solar

Enviro 220 Series, Solar
new model not as shown 
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